Gamify Your
Brand Campaign

Leverage your next sponsorship with customised mobile games for consumers
  • Engage
  • Collect
    Consumer Data

    Social Content

Gamify Your Brand Campaign
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ENGAge Consumers ON

Gamified experiences
amplify your sponsorship

Super engaging for consumers. Promote a custom game on social as part of your next campaign.
  • 30+
  • Engaging
    Social Content
  • Amplify
  • Capture
    Consumer Data

Gamified experiences
amplify your sponsorship

Engage consumers with interactive games that capture attention and consumer data

30 + Experiences

Ready to play & play into your campaign.
Customised to your brand.

Amplify Brand Campaigns

Engage consumers with interactive games that reinforce your campaign messages

Engaging Social Content

Promote in stories & social posts and get consumers engaging instantly

A full suite of digital experiences

Engage 100% of your
consumers attention

Engage consumers immersively. No other digital campaign can engage consumer attention the way gamified experiences can.

“Once someone plays a game
the advertiser has their full attention” ~ Forbes 2019

higher recall
than regular digital

Whilst playing a game consumers only focus is your brand.

Capture consumer data at scale

Consumer data

Capture thousands of data profiles from a simple campaign

First & zero party preference data

Use quizzes & surveys to capture first party, segmented preference insights

Integrate with your
marketing stack

Start communicating with consumers instantly

Safe and

Industry standard security
and GDPR Compliant

Capture quality
consumer data at scale

Drive exponential
social amplification

Our Amplify PLUS™ module drives social amplification by rewarding consumers for sharing on multiple social channels
Our Amplify PLUS™ module incentivises consumers to share on multiple social channels

Consumers earn
more points for:

  • Social media actions
  • Newsletter Opt ins
  • Online Referrals

Slash digital
production costs

Our platform based approach enables us to make customized digital experiences at a fraction of the cost of creating your own

How Our Platform Works

Just choose a campaign and we’ll make it happen for you
Choose your Experience

Choose your Experience

Choose from over 30 gamified experiences.

We  <br> Customize It

Customize It

All design assets + strategy tailored for your brand.

Promote <br> Campaign


Promote your game on social and digital channels.

Engage with <br> your Fans

Engage with
your Fans

Your fans have fun playing their experience.

Capture & Own <br> Your Data

Capture & Own
Your Data

You collect consumer data for remarketing.

Interactive Instagram
& Facebook

Supercharge your social content game with engaging experiences that consumers can play by simply swiping up.
Supercharge your social content
game with engaging experiences

Create an always
content strategy

Mix and match from over 30 different experiences to create “always on” calendar of gamified content
Run an interactve quiz one week, then a scratch and win promo the next!

Quantifiable campaign ROI

Your boss will love our beautiful reports and and measurable results
Your boss will love our beautiful reports and and measurable results

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